Sewer-Heat is a high heat activated alkaline sewer line and drain opener

Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from households, restaurants, food processing plants, and other grease generating establishments build up in sewer lines, leading to significant problems including backups, sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs), foul odors, and higher maintenance costs.

When Sewer-Heat is added to water in drain or sewer, it rapidly releases large amounts of heat and turbulence to liquefy, dissolve and loosen organic matter and other materials that clog drains and sewer lines.

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Sewer-Heat Features

  • Industrial strength

  • Ready-to-use

  • Non-acid drain opener

  • Contains powerful caustic granules activated with aluminum needles

  • Contains special non-fluorescent tracing dye which produces a vivid, easy to see color for tracing flow after product is applied

  • Available in 55-lb pail (Product# 836255)

Sewer-Heat Benefits

  • Dissolves fats, grease, soap, hair, and proteins

  • Works effectively in manholes, sewer lines, drains, food plants, packing houses and canneries

  • Will not harm pipes‚ drains‚ sewer lines or septic systems

  • Fast acting – begins working on contact

  • Reduced labor costs

  • Unclogs drains and keeps them free flowing

  • Liquefies, dissolves, and loosens animal and vegetable matter including fats, oils‚ grease, hair‚ and paper

Using Sewer-Heat

  • Municipal Sewer Lines

    To clear municipal sewers‚ use about 25 lbs. per manhole. Industrial drains use 2 to 3 lbs.

    For Floor Drains

    • Remove strainer or grate if possible.

    • Remove excess water from the trap and be sure the water in the drain is cool.

    • Carefully pour 6 tablespoons (3 scoops) into the drain.

    • Add 3 cups of cold water to the drain immediately.

    • If water boils out of drain, immediately add another cup of COLD water

    • After 10 minutes, flush the drain with plenty of cold water.

    • Repeat this process if the drain remains clogged.

    Small Drains

    Follow the procedure above, but decrease the dosage to 2 tablespoons (1 scoop) and immediately add 1 cup of COLD water.

    Use of this drain opener generates considerable heat which may cause eruption of hazardous liquid contents. NEVER use a plunger with this product. Add slowly to the drain or manhole. Never look into drain after treating.

    Place a bucket or other deep container over the drain opening after treatment. Do not use it in combination with or directly after treatment with acid type drain openers, as it will react violently. Do not enter treated sewers until they have been thoroughly flushed out with water.

    Complete directions are on product label

    See label and SDS for safety information.

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