Formula Nitro is a bacteria supplement for ammonia reduction in WWTPs


Municipal wastewater contains nitrogen that usually is not removed by secondary treatment. This nitrogen in the form of ammonia can increase the BOD or cause excessive algae growth if it is discharged into lakes, streams or estuary waters. This ammonia in the wastewater effluent may also be toxic to aquatic life.

Additional biological treatment can occur beyond the secondary stage when nitrifying bacteria in the wastewater convert ammonia to the non-toxic nitrate through nitrification. This process is often sufficient to remove the toxicity caused by the ammonia in the effluent.

Too much nitrate in the effluent can be a problem because it is also a nutrient. Excess nitrate in the water can contribute to an uncontrolled growth of algae. The denitrification process converts nitrate to nitrogen gas. The release of nitrogen into the atmosphere does not cause any environmental harm.

Formula Nitro reinforces the bacteria that are already in the wastewater and increases the removal of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.

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Formula Nitro Features

  • Industrial strength liquid bacteria formulation

  • Lives and reproduces in an environment containing no “free” or dissolved oxygen

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Available in 1-gallon jug (Product# 132825) , 5-gallon pail (Product# 132825), and 55-gallon drum (Product# 1328255)

Formula Nitro Benefits

  • Reduces ammonia levels in wastewater

  • Decreases nitrate levels in wastewater

  • Increases the removal of nitrite in wastewater

  • Reinforces the bacteria that are already in the wastewater

Using Formula Nitro

Dosing Schedule:
Flow Rate Initial Dosage Maintenance**
Up to 5,000 GPD ½ quart per day for 2 days 1 quart per week
Up to 50,000 GPD 2 quarts* 2 quarts per week
Up to 250,000 GPD 1 gallon* 1 quart per day
Up to 500,00 GPD 1 ½ gallons* 1 quart per day
Up to 1 MGD 2 ½ gallons* 1 quart per day
Up to 5 MGD 2 gallons per MGD* 1 quart per day
Up to 12 MGD 2 gallons per MGD* 2 quarts per MGD per day
Up to 100 MGDD 2 gallons per MGD* 1 gallon per MGD per day
* Spread this initial dosage out over the course of 10 days.

* * Add as regularly as possible. If it is required to miss one day, add that day’s product with the next dosage.

Dosage rate will vary with flow rates, retention times and system variations.

Do not add to the treatment system at a location where toxic or otherwise adverse pH, dissolved oxygen or temperature conditions may exist at peak levels.

For optimal results the wastewater and treatment system should meet the following conditions:

Optimum Minimum
Influent pH 7.0 5.0
Dissolved oxygen, ppm 2.0+ 1.0+
C/N/P ratio 100/10/1 100/5/1
Temperature 30°C (86°F) 10°C (50°F)
Toxic metals, ppm
(E.g., hex., chromium)
0 0
*Apply this amount in one dosage.

**Add as regularly as possible. If a day is missed, add that day’s product with the next dosage.

The rates above are for a typical, well maintained system.

See label and SDS for safety information.

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