EHC-DT is a grease consuming microbial formulation

EHC-DT is an industrial-strength blend of synergistically selected bacteria strains designed to aggressively look for and metabolize or consume sewer grease in drains and traps.

Biological augmentation of waste holding is routinely used to facilitate accelerated degradation of waste components. This liquid bacillus formula contains naturally occurring microorganisms selected for their unique abilities to attack certain waste components such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, oils and greases increasing system efficiency and reducing solids.

EHC-DT is sold in 5-gallon head packs (Product# 15465)

It is designed for use with our automated dosing system.

EHC-DT is also available in concentrate (EHC-DTC Product# 16785).

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EHC-DT Benefits

  • Accurate and timely dosing with our automated system

  • Reduction of odors

  • Open and flowing lines

  • Reduction of drain line stoppages

  • Reduction of overall maintenance costs

  • BOD reduction

  • FOG conversion to carbon dioxide and water

  • Easier and less frequent grease trap cleanings

  • The best product training and support from “hands on” professionals

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