Grape Floating Lift Station Degreaser is a deodorizer and degreaser

Sewer grease from homes, restaurants, and other commercial and industrial facilities accumulates in wastewater collection systems and treatment plants.

The buildup of sewer grease in lift stations leads to clogging, reduced pump efficiency, increased maintenance, and foul odors.

FOG in wastewater treatment plants can cause clogging and blockages, reduced treatment efficiency, equipment damage, and odors.

Grape Floating Lift Station Degreaser is a chemical product that is applied to the surface of water in wastewater lift stations, trickling filters, and digesters to dissolve fats, oils, grease, and other organic substances that accumulate in these systems. It also covers foul odors with a fresh grape scent.

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Grape Floating Lift Station Degreaser Features

  • Industrial strength

  • Biodegradable floating degreaser and deodorizer

  • Covers foul odors with its grape scent

  • Acid and alkali free

  • Non-freezing

  • May be used the year-round

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Available in case of four 1-gallon jugs (Product# 42371), 5-gallon pail (Product# 42375), and 55-gallon drum (Product# 423755)

Grape Floating Lift Station Degreaser Benefits

  • Improves system efficiency

  • Minimizes the need for manual cleaning

  • Helps eliminate grease balls and mats

  • Long lasting odor control

  • Can decrease repair costs due to equipment damage

  • Keeps digesters and trickling filters from sticking

  • Better for budget planning because of stable prices unlike D-limonene products

Using Grape Floating Lift Station Degreaser

  • Lift Stations

    • Turn on manual operation.

    • Pump completely down.

    • Add 20 gallons of degreaser for every 500 gallons in the lift station or until a 2-4 inch layer is floating on the water surface.

    • Let rise to maximum.

    • Turn back on automatic operation.


    • Add 20 gallons of degreaser for each foot of scum and let sit for 20 minutes.

    • Agitate or recirculate digester.

    Trickling Filters

    Simply apply with a sprayer.

    Overall Plant

    Drip into influent at the rate of 1/2 to 1 1/2 ppm.

    See label and SDS for safety information.

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