EHC-SWR is a septic system additive

EHC-SWR is a specially blended formula designed to improve and maintain septic tank and cesspool performance.

One scoop of this formula contains approximately 300 billion environmentally friendly microbes.

EHC-SWR is sold in a 3-lb container (Product# 97653).

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EHC-SWR Benefits

  • Concentrated dry bacteria formulation for better results

  • Easy to use! Just flush into drain or toilet once a month

  • Out performs weaker “store-bought” products

  • Helps keep entire system clear and free-flowing

  • Prevents costly field or septic repairs due to build up

  • Helps eliminate unwanted odors and back-ups...permanently!

  • Completely safe for people or pets. No chemicals or caustics

  • High enzyme producing formula.

EHC-SWR Application

    For normally operating systems:

  • Use two scoops every month

  • To apply in toilets, simply drop the product in the toilet bowl and flush

  • For application in drain, mix with one quart of cool or lukewarm water until fully dissolved and pour down desired drain

  • For best results, apply just before bedtime

  • Record date and repeat this procedure monthly

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