Microbial Products

Trained microbiologists ensure our products meet or exceed your expectations. The proprietary technology used in the production process delivers results that can be empirically tested for purity, optimum shelf life and plate counts.



Slow-release bacteria supplement for sewer grease control in lift stations and wet wells
Industrial strength grease control bacteria for sewer lines and lift stations
Grease consuming microbial formulation for drains and traps
Septic system additive
Formula 12
Bacterial supplement for anaerobic digesters
Formula 21HG
Grease control bacteria for wastewater treatment plants
Formula 25DW
Bacteria supplement for dairy/milk processing waste
Formula 35HD
Bacteria supplement for hydrocarbons in wastewater
Formula 45F
Bacteria supplement for filamentous control in WWTPs
Formula 60
Bacteria supplement for WWTP lagoons
Formula 88H
Bacteria supplement for high temperature wastewater
Formula 99C
Bacteria supplement for cold temperature wastewater
Formula D-220
Bacteria supplement for reducing grease and sulfides in sewers and lift stations
Formula D-500A/C
Bacteria supplements for wastewater treatment plants
Formula N10
Micronutrient supplement for wastewater treatment plants
Formula Nitro
Bacteria Based Nitrification Aid For Ammonia Reduction in WWTPs

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