Anti-Foam Concentrate controls foam in wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs)

Surfactants, organic overload, nutrient imbalance, bulking sludge, and poor aeration can cause foaming in wastewater treatment plants.

When excessive foaming disrupts the activated sludge process it can lead to WWTP inefficiency and possible overflows.

Anti-Foam concentrate is a water-based chemical additive that helps prevent foam from forming in aeration tanks, secondary clarifiers, and anaerobic digesters by reducing the surface tension of wastewater.

This non-polluting, water-based formula reduces foam due to detergents, surfactants and organic materials in the water - regardless of pH.

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Anti-Foam Concentrate Features

  • Industrial strength

  • Designed for use in wastewater treatment systems

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Can be used anywhere detergents cause a foaming problem

  • Contains special silicone antifoaming agents

  • Does not contain petroleum solvents or alcohols

  • No dilution required

  • Available in case of four 1-gallon jugs (Product# 73241), 5-gallon pail (Product# 73245), 30-gallon drum (Product# 732430), and 55-gallon drum (Product# 732455)

Anti-Foam Concentrate Benefits

  • Improves WWTP efficiency by quickly decreasing foam due to detergents, surfactants, and organic materials in the wastewater

  • Reduces the surface tension of sewage water to levels too low to support foam formation

  • Residual antifoam ingredients prevent re-foaming or formation of scum blankets, regardless of the pH

  • Helps maintain stable conditions in the biological treatment process

  • Can help limit foam-related equipment problems

  • Reduces foam-related odors

  • Saves money on maintenance and reduces downtime due to foam-related issues

  • Easy to inject into nozzle spray system when needed

  • Can be dripped into digesters or poured directly into waste streams immediately prior to foam accumulation

Using Anti-Foam Concentrate

    • For best results, drip feed into the influent stream prior to foam formation.

    • Normal application rates range from one quart to one gallon per 10,000 gallons of wastewater.

    • To eliminate heavy scum blanket in the digester, spray a light mist over the foam with a portable sprayer.

    • Once scum blanket is reduced, continue with drip feeding into the influent stream.

    • Drip into the waste stream immediately prior to digester.

    • It can be poured directly into the waste stream to handle large amounts of foam.

    • Application rates range from 25 to 100 ppm (1 quart to 1 gallon per 10,000 gallons of spray or water).

    • See label and SDS for safety information.

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