Formula 52 contains odor eliminating enzymes for wastewater treatment

Hydrogen sulfide (H₂S), volatile organic compounds (VOC), inadequate sludge handling and storage, inadequate aeration, algae blooms, and biomass decay can cause foul odors in the wastewater treatment process. Strong, pungent odors like rotten eggs, decaying cabbage, or ammonia can affect residents, businesses, schools leading to complaints from the community.

Formula 52 contains enzymes that target and break down specific organic compounds that generate foul odors in wastewater treatment facilities turning them into simpler, less odorous substances.

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Formula 52 Features

  • Industrial strength

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Combines chemistry and microbes

  • Binds and degrades odor molecules

  • Converts the organics to carbon dioxide and water

  • An unscented liquid formulation that can be sprayed on odorous surfaces, pumped or poured into tanks, wet wells and sludge processes

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Available in case of four 1-gallon jugs (Product# 53421), 5-gallon pail (Product# 53425), 30-gallon drum (Product# 534230), and 55-gallon drum (Product# 534255)

Formula 52 Benefits

  • Fast acting

  • Degrades the source of the odors, rather than masking them

  • Safer than lime or chemicals

  • Easy to apply

  • Eliminates odors in pig, horse, and poultry barns

  • Eliminates odors in brewery waste tanks

  • Eliminates odors in tanks, wet wells, and sludge process

  • Effectively controls odors associated with hydrogen sulfide, amine, dimethylamine, trimethylamine, volatile fatty acids, and many other odor types

Using Formula 52

  • Dilution Rate and Dosing

    Use a tank sprayer to spray directly on sludge or odorous surfaces.

    It can also be pumped or poured into tanks, wet wells, and sludge processes to immediately eliminate the strongest of odors.

    We recommend an initial 9:1 dilution, adjusting needed.

    This concentrated formula can be diluted as much as 20:1 or as little as 4:1, depending on the severity of the odors.

    See label and SDS for safety information.

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