Mission Statement

Our mission is to combine the highest quality custom microbial, enzyme and chemical products with exceptional value-added marketing tools to enhance your corporate image, increase profits and build customer loyalty.

  • Science

  • The one thing all our customers have in common is the entrepreneurial spirit. They are innovators, developing new products, new markets, or new means of production. Many of them have well-established businesses that did not originally include biological products, but now combine microbes with existing technologies or product lines to solve problems and better position their products and services in the marketplace.

    We provide innovative product solutions for our customers. Trained microbiologists ensure your products meet or exceed your customer's expectations. The proprietary technology used in the production process delivers results that can be empirically tested for purity, optimum shelf life and plate counts. Quality and performance testing proves that you are getting what you order.

    Marketing Support
  • Marketing Support

  • We provide marketing tools for our customers as a value-added service.

    We can help you transform your ideas and strategies into powerful visual images. You can bring your corporate image, product information, usage instructions and testimonials to life.

    Well-designed marketing materials communicate your message, create an awareness of your products, motivate customers to buy and increase your sales.

    Our services include:

    • Video Production

    • Graphic Design

    • Online Training

  • Results

  • In their quest for profits, entrepreneurs need to effectively manage risk. One way to do that is to form strategic alliances with companies that have the expertise to help them reach their goals and fulfill their vision while still maintaining their individuality and freedom.

    By blending strategic planning with precise implementation, we can help you reach specific, measurable goals faster and more efficiently.

    Your company will achieve the qualified lead generation and sales results you need by providing a full range of targeted integrated marketing communication services, techniques, strategies and tactics. You will increase customer loyalty by providing timely technical support and meaningful value-added sales tools.

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