If you are in the process of adding enzyme, microbial and/or chemical products for the first time, we can take you through the entire process of developing and positioning your new offerings. Your target market has needs and expectations based on factors such as ease of use, reliability, safety and convenience. In order to meet these needs, your new product must meet certain technical specifications. Our team of scientists will help accomplish that.

We stock inventory for our regular customers. This allows for increases in orders that go beyond projections and frees up your money. Our order requirements are minimal, so you have more capital available for growing your business.

Our production capacity allows for the shortest possible lead times. We know you need to fill your orders as quickly as possible, and our experienced production team has the planning skills to determine realistic lead times so we can develop a plan for maintaining ready to ship product for you. We can also drop ship to your customers if you don't want to inventory product.

We can analyze your current offerings and make suggestions for changes or improvements.

First we look at your product's technical specifications.

Next, we work with you to define the qualities your customers’ value most about your products - selection, convenience, service, reliability, availability and affordability.

Then we list the qualities your customers like least about your product or service.

Finally, we see how your products differ from your competitors. By analyzing these factors, we can make suggestions that will better position your products in the market and make you more profitable.

Markets Our Customers Serve Include:

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