Marketing Support

As a value-added service, we can also help you develop marketing tools that complement the ones you currently have in place. We also offer technical training including tutorials on how microbial products function.

By blending strategic planning with precise implementation, we help our clients reach specific, measurable goals faster and more efficiently.

We help your company achieve the qualified lead generation and sales results you need by providing a full range of targeted integrated marketing communication services, techniques, strategies and tactics.

We analyze your marketing needs by first looking at the methods that you have and are using to communicate with your customers. Next, we determine the methods that have been most successful. We also look at how your competitors promote their products. We then decide the best way to share your products with your customers and potential customers.


Video Production

Video is ideal for delivering information that does not change from one presentation to the next. A video consistently delivers your message by controlling what the audience sees and hears - every time. You do not have to worry about presenters forgetting important details, making mistakes or providing too much information.

By telling your story with images, graphics, special effects, narration and music, you create positive emotional responses. How your customers and potential customers "feel" about your company is often as important as what they "know" about your company. Your production can create an atmosphere of professionalism and confidence that will make a lasting impression.

Graphic Design

We can format and combine text, numerical data, photographs, charts, and other visual graphic elements to produce publication-ready material. We can write and edit text, create graphics to accompany text, convert photographs and drawings into digital images and then create design page layouts, presentations and advertising campaigns.

We offer a full range of design projects including:

  • Labels
  • Brochures
  • Logos
  • Newsletters
  • Catalogs
  • Manuals

Online Training

Our courses provide a proven, dynamic and interactive method to effectively learn and retain important material. The courses are delivered, enabled and administered with computer technology, and completed interactively on a Web site. The courses are easy to navigate, contain valuable and useful information, and improve the learning experience.

Our courses provide a proven, dynamic and interactive method to effectively learn and retain important material.

Knowledge gaps exist between what people know, and what they need to do to carry out their roles more successfully. We identify and fill the most important knowledge gaps of students.

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